Benefits of Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy


Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing, and challenging, responsibilities a woman can experience. Pregnancy is filled with new experiences and amazing physical and emotional changes.

It also limits health care choices as many medications and remedies can adversely affect the health of the growing foetus. Holistic therapy such as chiropractic can offer a safe alternative.

The body’s ability to grow and nurture a baby is nothing short of incredible, and pregnancy is an important time to make sure the pelvis and surrounding joints and nerves are functioning to their optimum potential.

Misalignment in the pelvis is common during gestation, causing the baby to move into a difficult position for delivery. Chiropractic care can restore the balance in the pelvic area, decreasing the amount of stress placed on the uterus. A properly aligned uterus can make a significant difference in both labour and delivery for both mother and child. It can give a new baby a smooth transition into the world.

And while so many of the changes experienced during pregnancy are external, there are more complex internal changes occurring. There are millions of different hormonal changes taking place causing nausea, swelling, joint pain and fatigue, all of which can be treated with chiropractic care.

Regular treatment is integral to keeping both mum and baby healthy throughout the gestational period. Chiropractic care can alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy and assist the mum-to-be in coping with the physical and emotional demands of an ever-changing body.