Knee Pain


With today’s increasingly active society, the number of knee problems is increasing. Knee pain has a wide variety of specific causes and treatments.

The knee joint’s main function is to bend, straighten, and bear the weight of the body, along with the ankles and hips. The knee, more than just a simple hinged joint, however, also twists and rotates. In order to perform all of these actions and to support the entire body while doing so, the knee relies on a number of structures including bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.

Chiropractic for knee pain includes a thorough examination of the muscles, ligaments, joints, posture and gait, as well as discussing past injuries and lifestyle habits that may be contributing to your condition.

A Chiropractor will address the issues in and around the knee from the pain, but will also investigate if other alignment issues in other areas of the body may actually be the true cause of the knee pain, or at least contributing to it. For example, limited range of motion in the hips or tightness in the lower back can place excessive strain on the knees which can be painful. With the right chiropractic care, issues such as these can be corrected so you can live pain-free.

Most knee conditions respond well to conservative chiropractic treatment and do not require surgery. Chiropractic care for knee pain relief generally includes several techniques, each chosen to relieve specific causes of knee pain. This may include:

Chiropractic adjustments:

Gentle, controlled, and directed adjustments delivered to your knee and spinal joints and tissues to restore optimal movement and function.

Myofascial Release:

Knee pain can be associated with overly tight and over worked muscles in the legs, hip and low back. MFR works with the muscles and the soft tissues between the muscles to relax them and optimise their function. Similar to massage, MFR is a more focused and deep treatment of the soft tissues to relieve pain and restore movement.

Active Release Technique (ART):

This is a very targeted treatment of specific regions in the muscles and other soft tissues to release scar tissue, and improve muscle function. This is also effective for restoring motion of the meniscus, one of the more common causes of knee pain.


Teaching you methods to help prevent your knee pain in the future! Rehabilitation incorporates stretches, exercises and foam rolling, which can be performed in the comfort of your own home or at your work place.

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